About This Blog

About Me

I’m a thirty-something mom of one with a long history of depression and a penchant for words. I enjoy video games and cross-stitch.

I started this blog after encountering Scott Dinsmore’s TED Talk. However, this particular blog is a simple exploration. The resources from Live Your Legend could not help me find my passion because instead of directing my focus, they highlighted just how broken and cut off from living life I really am.

For the moment, I lack the focus or the drive to look towards anything remotely entrepreneurial, but I do hope that regular writing and publishing practice might someday lead to focus and drive.

About My Mental Health

When I talk about mental health here, I’m usually talking about my own mental health, and the journey I’m on to build a life that somewhat approaches normal, a life where most days I wake up with a desire to do something, anything. Right now, that feels like a very far away goal. Writing about my mental health at all is an exercise in vulnerability, but sometimes it’s words spinning in my head that stop me from sleeping, so being able to do this helps.

About My Reviews

While I do enjoy series made by Netflix, when I say Netflix series reviews, I mean series I’ve watched on Netflix. We don’t have cable anymore, so that’s all of them. For video game reviews, I only review games I’ve logged at least 10 hours of play on. Reviews that don’t fit under television (Netflix), video games, or books are just listed as “Another.”